Friday, April 22, 2011

SLeague CD - Glorious Beginning


  1. Hi from Taiwan.
    I am an Indonesian but living here in Formosa east coast of China.
    I have several Chinese Taipei football memorabilia, such as, League guidebooks (with players registration) and match tickets.
    Could I contribute?

    1. Hello! I'm from Brazil, can we make some exchange? I'd like having some tickets and guides from Chinese Taipei if possible. I've got several souvenirs from South American and European countries. I hope hear you soon ( Regards.

  2. good idea and thanks for the offer.

    feel free to send the stuff as attachments to the email on the main Jakarta Casual site, just click on the image on the right hans side.

    i will gladly link to any site or blog you may have.

  3. Hello!
    I'm from Brazil and I collect tickets and guides of all leagues in the world.
    Can we make some exchange? I've got several souvenirs from Europe and South America. Please helpe me having tickets and guides from asian countries.